Uniport Port Service Company

H-1211 Budapest, Weiss Manfréd út 5-7.
Telephone: +36-20-946-1801
E-mail: tamas@uniport.hu



Uniport Port Service Company offers the following services to its customers.

Ship repair

We offer you all type of repairs which could be carried out during the waiting time for or under cargo operations.

Uniport has a rich experience in repair works of all types of barges and ships to be carried out in port areas, including repair works for annual surveys.

Maintenance & repair facilities for reefer container equipment

This service is temporarily unavailable, however we're ready to provide consultancy services in this matter, to serve you as an expert for all type of reefer units.

Cargo fastening

This service is currently unavailable.

Office-in engineering

This activity is carried out for shipping, reefer containers technical problem and expertise including the shipping’s infrastructure system.

Structure Engineering

This service is currently unavailable.

Computer-related services

This service is currently unavailable.